Track A Cell Phone Location

New monitoring service can remotely track the location of various devices on both Android and iOS. The toolbar has a special section where you can get complete information about the location of the target device.

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Which is the Best free app for tracking my phone for children

Track Cell Phone Location with GPS and Wi-Fi

How often do you say to yourself that a free app for tracking my phone would be amazing especially for kids? We live in dangerous times and knowing where your kid is and what he or she is up to will go a long way in keeping you happy and your kid safe. You want an app that has excellent features but still offer a user-friendly interface.

AppSpy Free App for Tracking my Phone

Very few things in life are free, however, where it comes to peace of mind for parents looking for a free app, there are several great apps available. Some of AppSpy’s top features include:

GPS Phone Tracker - allows you to know where your kids are whenever you are not around. You can track movements to pinpoint the exact location of the phone.

Call monitoring – now you will be able to see which calls are made and even incoming calls too. Should a number stress you, you can even intercept the call remotely.

SMS Spy – this is another great feature to be able to know about any messaging going out and coming in too.

Instant messaging Spy – most users including children use Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp. If you are unable to monitor instant messages you will lose out on many important messaging. With AppSpy you can rest assured that it records all these too.

Ambient voice recording is another excellent feature that enables you to hear every voice that surrounds the phone at its present location.

Multimedia files – you will receive notification when your child receives or send a multimedia file like videos and photos.

Web activities – the dangers of the internet are eliminated when you can check where your kids browse and watch online.

free app for tracking my phone for children

Hoverwatch App for Tracking My Phone

Hoverwatch has numerous advantages including the fact that it cannot be detected on the end device. Some of its main features include:

Calls and Text Messaging Tracking – you will know which calls come in as well as outgoing calls easily. The same for MMS and SMS received and sent from the target phone.

Instant messaging – you can access all Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp messaging including audio and video messages from your account.

GPS Tracker – you will know where your kid is always.

Web activities – even the websites visited when you are not around will be visible to you with Hoverwatch

App for tracking my phone Hoverwatch VS AppSpy

When you compare Hoverwatch and AppSpy you find similarities and differences too. While both are free you will find that AppSpy is compatible with Android phones only while Hoverwatch can be used on Android and iPhone devices. Something else worth mentioning is the ease of use of both free spyware. Both spyware can tell you where the devices are and web browsing etc is similar. A difference that makes Hoverwatch the winner is that it supports software like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Another feature that you have with Hoverwatch that AppSpy does not have is being able to take a screenshot of the target phone without the end user knowing it. Hoverwatch is thus the better of the two app for tracking my phone.